4/21/2016 With great sadness we say goodbye to PRINCE, the musical genius that was the impetus for the Hornheads creation. My 25 year association with Prince started in 1991, traveling the world with him and the NPG on the Diamonds and Pearls tour. He was an uncompromising band leader and a flawless performer. Every show was a thrill beyond description that left you drained, yet exhilarated. I also had the privilege to write horn arrangements for, and record on dozens of his solo CDs and related artist projects, beginning with the 1992 “Symbol” album, through his last release in 2016, as well as many, many tracks that are still resting in the vault. In 2014, after Clare Fischer’s passing, and in keeping with Prince’s mantra, “real music by real musicians”, he had me start producing full orchestral sessions with the Hornheads and Adi Yeshaya with StrinGENIUS. Sharing the studio with him was a revelation. His passion for music and the creative process was unparalleled and drove everyone around him to go beyond their own perceived limitation. His influence on my music was immeasurable. He was a force of nature and will be missed by me, along with the millions he touched from around the world. R.I.P. Prince