Michael B. Nelson

Producer | Composer | Arranger | Trombonist | Head Hornhead


Welcome to Bone 2B Wild Music

The new Hornheads.com site


Bone 2B Wild Music offers the contemporary horn arranging and horn section recording services of  internationally acclaimed Hornheads leader-trombonist-producer-composer-arranger Michael B. Nelson, and is the source for the Hornheads’ complete catalog of original charts.


  • World class funk, pop, jazz, and latin horn arrangements
  • Add the Hornheads to any recording project, from a single instrument solo to the full section
  • Purchase Hornheads arrangements, brass and saxophone quintet arrangements, swing arrangements for horns and rhythm section


Check out the Hornheads website. You can listen to samples, watch videos, and view photos of our work with Prince and other national and international artists

The Hornheads, an extraordinarily talented group of horn players, has been gathering international acclaim from artists and critics alike, since 1991.

Transcription and Live Performance Videos

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